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Cul de Sac - Aomori Cypress Heba Essential Oil

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Cul de Sac - JAPON

HIBA WOOD OIL Aomori cypress ヒバ essential oil

Hiba Wood Oil : Natural Hiba essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the sawdust of Aomori Hiba trees over 250 years old . The essential oil extracted from Aomori Hibiscus contains more than 40 different components. The two ingredients in Aomori Hiba oil, Hinokitiol and Beta-Dolabrin, have the strongest antibacterial effect. Trees containing Hinokitiol and Beta-Dolabrin are very rare in the world, and only Aomori Hiba has these two ingredients in Japan.

1. Antibacterial: has remarkable antibacterial properties

2. Insect repellent: repel termites, mites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc.

3. Relax: The scent of Aomori Hiba is very relaxing

4. Deodorization: Eliminates unpleasant odors

brand introduction

Historically, Aomori hinoki was used to build Japanese shrines, Buddhist temples and palaces. This material has good natural corrosion resistance, antibacterial and industrial-grade durability, and it will emit a fresh and pleasant fragrance, making people feel like they are in a Japanese temple full of Zen.

Cul de Sac-Japon distills natural essential oils from 250-year-old Aomori cypress wood. Of the 40 different components extracted from the wood, two of them - hinokitiol and beta-Dolabrin - had the strongest anti-inflammatory effects. These natural chemicals are generally very rare, and Aomori hinoki is the only tree in Japan that has both.

In addition to its relaxing and calming properties, the essential oil of Aomori Cypress is also known for its antibacterial and deodorizing properties. Widely used against different types of bacteria, even those with antibiotic resistance. In addition, this essential oil also has insect repellent properties and can be used against termites, fleas, mites, etc.

Cul de Sac-Japon uses natural Japanese cypress wood and essential oils to design a variety of simple and practical products, including: cypress essential oils, cypress candles, aromatherapy sprays and cypress chips.

place of origin



Essential oil extracted from Aomori cypress fragments over 250 years old by steam distillation




When bathing or doing laundry, add 2-3 drops of cypress fragrance to refresh skin and clothes. It can also be sprayed into the air in the room to eliminate odors.

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