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Do Alligator Oil Products Help Treat Eczema?

According to a research report published in March 2008 by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology entitled "Crocodile oil cream accelerates skin barrier recovery and reduces skin inflammation in a murine model", it contains more than 10% crocodile The oil cream has a significant improvement in alleviating the symptoms of mild to moderate eczema, especially for itching and dry skin, and shows comparable therapeutic effects to traditional eczema drugs, and is safer.

Crocodile oil contains three major components, which make crocodiles repair themselves quickly after fighting and wounding. Crocodile skin oil uses the principle of "soothing first, then repairing" to solve the problems of long-term moisture sensitivity, itching, and even surface damage and ulcers, promote skin self-healing, and finally build a barrier to resist the regeneration of stubborn skin problems, long-term skin healthier Healthy and moisturized.

However, the crocodile oil that can be seen in the market is mainly oily, and its use is relatively limited. More importantly, most of the products smell very bad (with a strong fishy smell), which is inconvenient to use when going out. Children and babies are more resistant to them, and the strong smell will also affect social interaction.

The British brand Tribe High Concentration Crocodile Oil Balm (Crocodile Oil Balm) represented by NATROshop is specially designed to provide perfect soothing options for eczema patients.


  1. Crocodile Oil Repair Balm is a natural product that contains no chemical ingredients, so it is less irritating to the skin and is suitable for anyone (including infants)
  2. Alligator oil is rich in various nutrients, which can moisturize the skin and promote skin regeneration and repair. Therefore, using crocodile oil repair cream can not only relieve the symptoms of eczema, but also improve the quality of the skin
  3. The paste is easy to use, just take it out and put it on your fingers, you can slowly apply it to the moisture-sensitive affected area
  4. Pure herbal scent is mild and fresh, suitable for any occasion

In summary, crocodile oil repair cream can significantly improve the symptoms of eczema patients, and is a relatively safe and effective treatment.


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