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shipping method

Our store ships via SF Express. Customers can choose the "Door-to-Door Delivery Service" to pick up the goods directly at any residential or commercial address in Hong Kong; or choose the "Self-Pickup Service" to pick up the goods at SF business locations, SF stations, EF Smart Lockers or SF partner points.

delivery time

After the customer places an order, if the order contains only spot goods, the store will deliver the goods within 1 to 2 working days; if the order contains pre-ordered goods, it will be shipped within 1 to 2 working days after the relevant goods arrive.

Under normal circumstances, customers can receive the goods within 2-3 working days.

Shipping Department Business Days: Monday to Friday (Closed on Saturdays and Sundays)

  1. Order total is net of all discounts and coupons.

  2. The orderer's name and phone number will be checked upon pickup. Note: No face-to-face delivery, no MTR station or downstairs delivery.
  3. Self-pickup at SF Express stations, smart lockers, convenience stores, and SF Express outlets.
    Please fill in the [S.F. Express Station, Smart Locker, Convenience Store, S.F. Business Point] code and address at checkout.

  4. Door-to-door delivery service includes residential or commercial addresses in any area.

  5. It is calculated from the date of delivery and is for reference only. The actual time limit may be affected by factors such as the supply of goods, arrangements of third-party express companies, weather, and epidemics.


  • Since our store entrusts a third-party logistics company to deliver the goods, the actual shipping process and timeliness are arranged by the express company, which is not within the control of our store.
  • The express company’s self-pick-up outlets may have a time limit for picking up the package. If the customer fails to pick up the goods within the time required by the express company, the express company may impose additional fees on the pick-up person, and the store will not accept the payment. irresponsible.
  • If the address or phone number provided by the customer is incomplete or incorrect, it may also cause the package to be lost, delayed or returned to the store. The store will not be responsible for any delay or loss caused by the above reasons; any additional Fees must also be paid by the customer. See Return Policy for more details.


Our store is not currently accepting orders from other countries or regions.