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Peruvian sacred wood Palo Santo

For centuries, the indigenous people of the Andes have used the Peruvian sacred wood (Palo Santo) for spiritual cleansing and energy cleansing. Burning sacred wood is believed to clear away negative energy and restore serenity and calm. When the sacred wood burns, Palo Santo removes negative energy and creates a calmer, more tranquil space. You can set a goal of what you want to clear out of your space, then move from corner to corner to eliminate negative energy, lift your spirits, and give your home a boost of positive energy.

Peruvian santo (Palo santo) contains volatile oils and aromatic resins that can send warning signals to pesky pests, but it's safe and doesn't contain the harsh chemicals found in products like DEET.

秘魯聖木 Palo Santo - NATROshop


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Peruvian sacred wood is used in many ways for energy cleansing and healing. Holy wood has powerful effects. Ancient cultures respect and cherish it and use it to make holy wood essential oil, holy wood strips, holy wood incense sticks, etc., to help humans achieve physical, mental and spiritual balance. Below are frequently asked questions and answers.

Peruvian sacred wood (Palo Santo) grows in the forests of South America. The logs are derived from the olive family Schistospermum. It is native to the Andes Mountains of South America and is spread throughout Peru and Ecuador. The growth period is 50 to 50 years. A hundred years later, after the life of the tree is over, the ancient Inca people will use the wood sticks full of oily aroma to help purify, clean up, and drive away evil spirits and misfortune. The effect of this sacred wood has a symbolic meaning of rebirth.

Because of the unique and elegant fragrance of the sacred wood, it is known as the "King of Fragrances" and is also called "American Agarwood". For centuries, the Inca and Andean indigenous peoples of South America have been using natural sacred wood. This ancient culture has spread to all parts of the world and has derived various sacred wood products, such as sacred wood essential oil, sacred wood sticks, and sacred wood incense. sticks, etc., so that we living in the city can also understand the efficacy of sacred wood, enjoy the benefits of sacred wood, and feel the sacred wood products that heal us on the physical and spiritual levels.

Holy wood essential oil is rich in limonene, a substance that has anti-inflammatory effects, improves immunity, and cares for the skin. In ancient times, after the Peruvian holy wood was lit, the smoke would surround the injured soldiers, soothing their minds and bodies. on pain.

We can burn sacred wood sticks or sacred wood incense sticks and surround them with smoke to relieve stress and pain in the body and mind.

In addition, you can also put diluted holy wood essential oil into an aroma diffuser or put 5-6 drops of essential oil into a diffuser stone to fill the space with the scent of holy wood.

For modern people, the efficacy and benefits of sacred wood focus on its ability to care for skin and relieve pain, such as the pain relief effect on joint pain, headaches and other pain, combined with mental relief, it can have a dual effect Relieve pain, make body and mind more comfortable, and bring benefits to spiritual healing and physical health. Therefore, many people who suffer from skin or body problems and suffer from insomnia also choose to use Peruvian sacred wood before going to bed to help them sleep.

The smell of holy wood has a special woody aroma and a touch of lemon and mint. Inhaling the diluted holy wood essential oil into the body, or lighting holy wood sticks and holy wood incense sticks can help stabilize breathing.

Holy wood essential oil is rich in limonene, which can stimulate the brain's olfactory system and remind the body to relax. Therefore, when many people meditate, have poor sleep quality, have too many negative thoughts, or need to concentrate, they will smoke the room before going to bed, and then put the sacred wood incense stick next to the pillow or put the sacred wood strips in a gauze bag to hang Get up and let the smell of the sacred wood help calm your thoughts, protect you from sleeping more peacefully, and enter a deep sleep state.

The sacred wood is widely known for its ability to purify the mind and space. Sacred wood products that truly have healing properties for the body, mind, and soul must undergo natural death of the tree, then stay on the forest floor for several years, undergo microbial fermentation to condense more oil, and then be harvested.

Imagine that a tree has experienced a life ranging from 50 to 100 years from birth to death, absorbing the energy of heaven and earth for more than half a century. After death, it is naturally air-dried, allowing the interior to continue to ferment, and then becomes what we come into contact with. of sacred wood. Therefore, traditional South Americans believe that the ritual of burning sacred wood has the effect of purifying the magnetic field, attracting positive energy and "warding off evil spirits".

It is very rare that the Peruvian sacred wood can do both, eliminate negative energy and attract good energy.

We recommend that clients use British Crocodile Oil Restorative Balm instead of steroid-based creams.

Urban people live at a fast pace and work under high pressure. More and more people need to find appropriate ways to help themselves relieve stress and emotions. And this sacred wood with magical power and powerful energy has begun to become an auxiliary product for urban people to establish a mindful life.

Holy wood products suitable for urban people can be roughly divided into the following three categories:
Purify the mind and space: sacred wood strips, sacred wood and white sage, high-resin Peruvian sacred wood blocks
Healing skin and body: Sacred Wood Healing Mask, Sacred Wood Soap
Enhance awareness and stabilize sleep: high-grade Peruvian sacred wood incense tube, pure wild Peruvian sacred wood essential oil, sacred wood incense stick

Many people say that the sacred wood is difficult to light. In fact, lighting the sacred wood itself requires patience and time. If you want to light it quickly, you can buy a mini musket for camping. But if you have time and patience, it is better to use a candle than a musket. The flame of the candle is gentler and can slowly burn through the wood core, so that the aroma of the sacred wood can be fully released and the effectiveness of the sacred wood can be maximized. Moreover, you can re-make fire when necessary, which is more natural and environmentally friendly.

*Note: Be careful with fire when using! Keep away from children and pets!

Every space in the home: The benefit of sacred wood is that it can add a little slow and calm energy to life.
Beside the door of your home: Put the sacred wood sticks or sacred wood incense sticks into the gauze bag, and then hang them at the door of your home. This will allow you to smell the sacred wood when you come in and out. It can also increase the energy of the space and make it easier to absorb the magnetic field of your home. money.
Bedside: You can let the smell of sacred wood surround your pillow. Lighting the Peruvian sacred wood can purify space, objects, chakras and the emotional body. Using sacred wood essential oil can soothe the mood, help relax, and thus improve the quality of sleep.
Window edges, patio doorways, gates: the smell of sacred wood effectively repels mosquitoes.
Office Desktop: The smell of sacred wood can relieve stress and improve psychological quality, thus improving concentration.
Near the yoga mat/meditation mat: The sacred wood is very spiritually powerful and can make it easier for you to enter a state of meditation or flow.
In your handbag: Put the portable holy wood essential oil or holy wood strips in your handbag. When entering or leaving a place with complex energy or arriving in a new place or feeling uneasy, you can always use the scent of the holy wood to calm yourself.
In the car: Use products such as santo incense sticks and santo essential oil to keep the car smelling fresh.

1. Entering and exiting places with complex energy, or when negative energy appears.
2. Thinking that the body’s energy is blocked or that the fortune is not favorable.
3. Insomnia, restlessness, and fear caused by skin condition or mental stress.
4. After visiting hospitals, funerals, and cemeteries.
5. When you have mild pain in your body or your thoughts are confused.
6. When you hope to attract positive energy.
7. When there is a peculiar smell in the space.

The growth zone of Peruvian sacred trees is dry tropical forest. However, due to excessive deforestation and other problems such as climate change, the ecological environment has been destroyed, and the native environment of Peruvian sacred trees is facing a severe crisis.

Nowadays, you can find many kinds of Peruvian sacred wood from different sources in many channels, but as conscious consumers, we need to carefully choose the importers and sources of Peruvian sacred wood to avoid buying products of poor quality or illegal sources. We can: (1) Choose sacred wood manufacturers that advertise "natural death" and do not over-cut. (2) Check the country of origin and make sure you are buying genuine sacred wood. (3) Mainly choose sacred wood that is rich in oil.