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Bath Product

Bathing is an ideal time to rest and restore your identity every day. If you value personal health, hypoallergenic and natural bath products can be said to be personal care necessities. The body wash, soap, and bath oil we provide are all hypoallergenic and safe. On infants and young children, it can also effectively relieve eczema, reduce water loss, and achieve the effect of relieving itching at the same time. NATROshop carefully selects a series of low-sensitivity and low-irritation bath products, so that you and your children can relax completely in the bath, and the body, mind and skin can be refreshed after bathing.
天然低敏沐浴用品 - 保濕舒緩敏感肌膚 - NATROshop


Moisture sensitive care
baby care
facial care
Body/hand care
Scalp/hair care
daily care
Mumu Bath - Morning Dew Eczema Relief 晨露濕疹香皂 - NATROshop
La Cure Dead Sea Scrub Soap 死海磨砂皂 - NATROshop
CHANIDA - 檜木&玫瑰沐浴露 Body Cleanser - NATROshop
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Tribe - 有機鱷魚油荷荷巴面部保濕霜 - 適用於保持皮膚健康 - NATROshop
Tribe - 有機鱷魚油卡拉哈里瓜面部保濕霜 - 適用於脫水皮膚 - NATROshop
VITAMAN Sea Salt Body Scrub 男士海鹽磨砂膏 - NATROshop
SIBU Cleansing Face & Body Bar 沙棘潔面及沐浴皂 - NATROshop
ARYURVIST 淋浴油 (敏感肌適用) | 濕疹及皮膚敏感有極佳效用 | 可作按摩油使用 - NATROshop
La Cure Mineral Fresh Bath & Shower Gel 死海沐浴露 - NATROshop
Green Envee 金盞花薰衣草幼兒洗髮沐浴露 - NATROshop
VITAMAN Moisturising Shampoo 澳洲滋潤保濕洗髮露 - NATROshop
Mumu Bath - Signature Hydrating Facial Soap 補水面部護理香皂 - NATROshop
Mumu Bath - All-In-One Body And Shampoo Bar 全能型身體和洗髮香皂 - NATROshop

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Bath products are personal care necessities, such as shower gel, soap, bath oil and so on. NATROshop carefully selects a series of low-sensitivity and low-stimulation bath products, so that you can relax completely while bathing, and refresh your body, mind and skin after bathing.

When choosing bath products, you should first understand your skin type and choose suitable products. If you have dry or sensitive skin, choose moisturizing products and avoid products with irritating ingredients. Body soaps are usually more alkaline and suitable for oily skin, while body washes are milder and suitable for normal to dry skin. Also, if you are sensitive to fragrance, you can choose unscented or lightly scented products. It's also best to avoid prolonged baths, which can over-clean the natural oils on the surface of the skin and cause the skin to become dry or sensitive.

Some bath products contain chemicals that may cause irritation or an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. Therefore, choosing natural bath products is a good choice. Natural bath products are often free of harsh chemicals and are suitable for sensitive skin. Plus, natural bath products can moisturize and protect your skin for healthier looking skin. In addition, when using new products, you should test them on less sensitive areas such as arms or ankles first to see if there is any discomfort. Stop using the product immediately if symptoms such as rash, itching, burning or peeling develop.

Here are some dos and don'ts for using bath products to get the best out of your skincare:
1. Appropriate water temperature: Rinsing with hot water will deprive the skin of natural oils, it is recommended to wash with warm water.
2. Choose the bath products that suit you: Choose the right products according to your skin condition, for example, you can choose deep cleansing products for oily skin.
3. Do not use too much: It is generally recommended to use an appropriate amount. Excessive use will lead to excessive cleansing of the skin.
4. Rinse in time after washing: rinse immediately after washing to avoid irritation of the skin by residual bath products.
5. Avoid excessive friction when wiping: use a soft bath towel or sponge to wipe the body and avoid excessive friction, especially on sensitive parts.
6. Moisturize promptly after washing: Use body lotion or moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and soft.

The pH value of bath products will affect the skin. The pH value of normal skin is about 5.5, while the pH value of some bath products may be higher or lower, which makes the skin irritated or over-cleaned, causing the skin to dry out and become dull. sensitivity or other problems. Therefore, choosing bath products with a neutral pH or close to the natural pH of the skin can better protect the health of the skin.

We recommend that clients use British Crocodile Oil Restorative Balm instead of steroid-based creams.

Generally speaking, the added fragrances contained in bath products will not cause serious harm to the body. However, some people may be allergic or sensitive to certain fragrance ingredients, so it is recommended that when choosing a bath product, check the ingredient list first to ensure that you will not have an adverse reaction to the ingredients in the product. Additionally, using natural bath products is an option, as they are often free of artificially added fragrances and have gentler ingredients that are kinder on the skin.

The use of bath products generally does not damage the natural protective barrier of the skin, but if the selected product is too irritating or has too strong cleaning power, it may affect the protective barrier of the skin. Therefore, when choosing bath products, you should consider the sensitivity and moisturizing degree of the skin, avoid using products with too much soap base or chemical additives, and choose products containing moisturizing ingredients and natural ingredients to maintain the health of the skin and protect the barrier. In addition, proper bathing time and water temperature are also key to maintaining skin health. Do not over bathe or use overheated water for bathing.

Some bath product ingredients that may be harmful include: sodium sulfate (SLS), sodium sulfonate (SLES), triclosan, benzoic acid, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde, phthalates, and artificial fragrances . These ingredients may cause skin sensitivity, irritation and allergic reactions, and may also cause potential harm to human internal organs. Therefore, it is recommended to choose bath products that do not contain these ingredients, or choose natural bath products.

To understand the characteristics of your skin, you can first observe the oil secretion, sensitivity and moisture content of the skin. In general:
Dry skin: The skin lacks moisture and oil and will feel tight and dry. It is recommended to use a moisturizing body wash or shower gel.
Oily skin: The skin has a lot of oil secretion, which is prone to oily shine and enlarged pores. It is recommended to use oil-controlling bath products.
Combination skin: The T-zone part of the skin has more oil secretion, and other parts are relatively dry. It is recommended to use a balanced bath product.
Sensitive skin: The skin is prone to allergies or redness. It is recommended to use natural bath products that are fragrance-free, pigment-free, and low-irritant.
In addition, under different seasons and climatic conditions, the needs of the skin will also be different, so you can choose bath products with special effects such as moisturizing, anti-allergic, and refreshing according to your needs. It is best to conduct a local test first to determine whether it is suitable for your skin before using it all over the body.

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin and require gentler, non-irritating products than adults to protect the skin from irritation and discomfort. Baby bath products usually have a higher content of natural ingredients and fewer chemical ingredients, and are free of irritating substances such as fragrances and colorings. In addition, the pH of baby bath products is usually closer to that of baby's skin than that of adult bath products to reduce skin irritation and damage.