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Baby Care

We know that as a parent, your primary concern is your baby's health and comfort. Baby eczema is a very common problem, so we have a range of products including baby eczema creams, baby eczema body balms, and baby eczema face creams to suit the different needs of you and your baby.

We understand babies' need for something natural and pure, so we source the most natural and pure baby care products. If your BB suffers from eczema, we recommend that you use our BB eczema cream or BB eczema cream, these products are specially designed for BB eczema, which can relieve skin inflammation, redness and itching, while ensuring No irritation or allergic reaction to your baby's skin.

嬰兒護理 - 濕疹潤膚膏/面霜改善BB敏感肌 - NATROshop


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Tribe - Crocodile Oil Balm High Concentrate 鱷魚油修復膏 - NATROshop
Tribe - Crocodile Oil 83% Skin Rescue 鱷魚油83%高效修復膏 - NATROshop
Shoosha - Anti-Itchy Balm 天然止癢膏 (嬰兒適用) - NATROshop
Shoosha - Eczema Healing Balm 有機濕疹修復膏 (嬰兒適用) - NATROshop
Shoosha Baby - Organic Protective Diaper Balm 有機嬰兒尿布疹軟膏 - NATROshop
Sintra Naturals - Little Warriors Mineral Suncream SPF30 小勇士防曬霜 (適合6 個月大以上嬰幼兒) - NATROshop
Green Envee 金盞花薰衣草舒緩潤膚油 - NATROshop
Clochee - Baby 特效舒緩乳霜 - NATROshop
Clochee - Baby Extra Soothing Cream

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Thunderbird Skin - Protect & Repair Keratin Conditioner 保護及修復角質護髮素 - NATROshop
Thunderbird Skin - Rescue Cream 濕疹高效修復霜 (250ml) - NATROshop
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Tribe - Crocodile Oil 鱷魚油頭皮/頭髮修復套裝 - NATROshop
Shoosha 有機滋養面霜 - NATROshop
Tribe - 鱷魚油全方位皮膚修復套裝 - NATROshop
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We know that as a parent, your primary concern is your baby's health and comfort. Baby eczema is a very common problem, so we have a range of products including baby eczema creams, baby eczema body balms, and baby eczema face creams to suit the different needs of you and your baby. If your BB suffers from eczema, we recommend that you use our BB eczema cream or BB eczema cream, these products are specially designed for BB eczema, which can relieve skin inflammation, redness and itching, while ensuring No irritation or allergic reaction on your baby's skin.

When a baby suffers from baby eczema, there will be discomfort symptoms such as red, dry, itchy skin, and may also appear scabs, blisters or rough skin, which is a problem for both parents and babies. Infant eczema usually begins in a baby's first few months and may continue into adolescence or adulthood. The full cause of infant eczema is not yet known, but several factors may trigger it, such as an abnormal immune system response, family history, environmental factors, and defects in the skin barrier. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the daily care of the baby, such as keeping the skin moist, using mild and non-irritating baby eczema cream, paying attention to a balanced diet, and avoiding excessive scratching of the skin, etc., to help relieve the symptoms of baby eczema.

Baby eczema usually appears in babies aged 2-6 months. In Hong Kong, the causes of infantile eczema are complex and mainly include the following aspects. First of all, genetic factors are one of the main causes of infantile eczema. Babies are also at increased risk of developing eczema if someone in the family has an allergic condition such as eczema, asthma, or hay fever. This is because these diseases are all related to the immune system, and the baby's immune system is not perfect enough to be easily affected. Secondly, environmental factors may also be one of the causes of infant eczema. For example, Hong Kong's humid climate can easily cause skin allergies and eczema in babies. In addition, excessive cleaning, use of irritating products, and wearing airtight clothing can also irritate the baby's skin and cause eczema. Finally, a baby's diet may also play a role in the development of eczema. For example, consuming certain allergens or food additives may stimulate the immune system and cause allergic reactions such as eczema. In general, the causes of infantile eczema in Hong Kong are complex and are often caused by a combination of factors.

The current mainstream treatment for infant eczema in Hong Kong includes the use of topical medications, such as baby eczema cream, baby eczema cream, baby eczema moisturizer, etc., to relieve symptoms and relieve itching. In addition, the doctor will also advise parents to make corresponding adjustments to the baby's living habits and environment, such as avoiding excessive rubbing of the baby, not using too much detergent when washing clothes, controlling air humidity, etc., to reduce irritation and aggravate symptoms. In severe cases, your doctor may also recommend oral or topical anti-inflammatory medications to relieve symptoms. In general, the treatment of infantile eczema should be comprehensive, not only to alleviate symptoms, but also to control the condition to achieve the best results.

The most commonly used baby eczema care products are baby eczema ointment, baby eczema moisturizer and baby eczema face cream, and they are used according to the following procedures:
Cleansing: Gently wash the affected area with warm water, do not use soap or detergents as these may irritate the skin. Before drying the skin, pat the skin dry with a soft towel.
Apply baby eczema ointment: Dab baby eczema ointment on the affected area to soothe symptoms. Baby eczema creams usually contain ingredients such as zinc oxide and glycerin to help moisturize and reduce skin inflammation.
Rub baby eczema balm: After baby eczema balm, you can rub baby eczema balm on the affected area. Eczema body balms usually contain natural oils and natural humectants to moisturize and soften the skin, preventing dry and itchy skin.
Use baby eczema cream: If baby eczema is severe, you can use baby eczema cream on the affected areas of the face. Creams for baby eczema often contain soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients that can reduce skin inflammation and redness.

We recommend that clients use British Crocodile Oil Restorative Balm instead of steroid-based creams.

Baby eczema cream is one of the most important care items when you care for your baby. Baby Eczema Cream is a specially formulated cream that contains ingredients to soothe inflammation and reduce itching. Applying a thin layer of baby eczema cream to the eczema area can effectively control symptoms and reduce discomfort, while also helping to maintain skin moisture. It is recommended that when you choose baby eczema ointment, choose products with natural ingredients and non-irritating ingredients, and avoid ointments containing hormones. In addition to using baby eczema cream, taking regular baths and keeping the skin clean is one of the very important care routines. Plus, choosing soft, breathable clothing can also help reduce friction and irritation, which can reduce the incidence of baby eczema.

When choosing steroid-free baby eczema products, you need to pay attention to the mildness and safety of the product ingredients. Here are some common natural active ingredients that can relieve the symptoms of baby eczema:
Olive oil: Olive oil is a natural, gentle emollient and is great for babies with eczema. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, which can help repair and protect baby's skin.
Vitamin B5: Vitamin B5 is a natural humectant that can help keep skin hydrated and reduce itching and inflammation. It also helps repair skin cells and promote wound healing.
Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help soothe irritated and itchy skin. It also has a sedative effect, which can help babies fall asleep.
Alligator Oil: Made with natural alligator oil, free of steroids and other harmful substances, it soothes irritated and itchy skin while providing effective repair and protection. It quickly soothes skin inflammation and itchiness while being safe for long-term use.
Overall, the above products are steroid-free baby eczema products that can help soothe skin inflammation and itchiness while being very safe and gentle. When choosing these products, you need to make a choice based on your own needs and the condition of your baby.

Infant eczema is a relatively common skin condition that usually does not have serious consequences for your baby's long-term health. However, baby eczema can cause inconvenience and stress to your baby's quality of life and to your family. If eczema is severe or not treated properly, it can affect your baby's sleep and appetite, causing restlessness and tiredness. Parents only need to choose the appropriate baby eczema cream and take some daily care measures, such as avoid excessive bathing and rubbing the skin, avoid using irritating products, keep the skin clean and moist, so as to reduce the inconvenience and impact of baby eczema on the baby.

Baby eczema is usually caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, the environment, and the immune system, among others. Therefore, it is difficult to completely prevent the occurrence of eczema. However, there are ways to reduce the onset and progression of eczema:
Keep your skin clean and moist: Frequent bathing can remove bacteria and dirt from the affected area, but over-cleaning and using harsh cleansers can also damage the skin's protective barrier. Therefore, it is ideal to gently wash the skin with warm water and use an eczema moisturizer immediately after bathing to keep the skin moist.
Avoid irritating substances: such as excessively hot water, irritating soaps, chemicals, etc., can irritate and damage the skin and increase the risk of eczema. Contact with these substances should be avoided as much as possible.
Watch your diet: Some studies have shown that a mother's diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding may affect her baby's risk of eczema. Therefore, pregnant women and nursing mothers should pay attention to eating a balanced diet and avoiding allergens.
Avoid overdressing: In cold weather, staying warm is important, but overdressing and friction can also irritate and damage the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the moderation and comfort of wearing.

When your baby develops baby eczema, it's a sign of the immune system's response. Baby eczema is an inflammation of the skin that usually develops in babies' first few months. The immune system is the body's defense system that protects the body from foreign pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. When a baby develops eczema, the immune system overreacts to certain external stimuli (such as climate change, certain foods, household pets, pollen, etc.), which cause skin inflammation. Therefore, infantile eczema is often considered to be a manifestation of an abnormal immune system reaction. While there's no specific treatment for baby eczema, there are ways that what we know about the immune system can help reduce symptoms, such as keeping the skin moisturized, avoiding irritating products, and avoiding excessive rubbing or scratching.