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real user evaluation

I have tried it for 2 weeks and my baby's skin get much better (like 70% better than before)
Mr. Yeung
BB has eczema problem and doesn't want to use steroids, tried crocodile oil and found that BB's skin healed quickly
The smell is mild, and it has improved the condition of the inflamed rash, very easy to use!
The whole family has been using it for a long time. Other brands will cause sensitivity and skin peeling. I have been using it for several years
baby skin allergies, eczema
Wipe the left bottle, back to the left ❤️
Ms. Yick
During this season, my son has been suffering from eczema. This product soothes his dry skin and moisturizes it without leaving it dry. Highly recommended!
Clair Mok
I have used many types of Peruvian sacred wood, and this one is of significantly higher quality and has a purer smell.
BB濕疹醫極都唔好?教你正確使用濕疹產品,堅守日常日常三大堅原則,濕疹無痛斷尾 - NATROshop

Is there no cure for BB eczema? Teach you how to use eczema products correctly, adhere to the three basic principles of daily life, and make eczema painless.

Due to Father C's own experience, as soon as he saw BB showing early symptoms of eczema, and knowing that BB had congenital eczema, he already knew that he absolutely needed to take action seriously and took immediate action.

Fortunately, after half a year of hard work by C’s parents, BB has almost completely recovered. As long as he does enough daily care and maintenance and does a good job of reinforcement, he will basically not relapse on a large scale. Now I am happy and beautiful, and can enjoy my childhood life to the fullest!

Parents C hope that by sharing their real experiences, parents who are taking care of BB with eczema will know that even if it is congenital eczema, as long as they take proper care, choose the right products, and insist on doing anti-inflammatory measures every day , repair, moisturize and lock in moisture. Even without relying on drugs and steroids, the skin can be healed using natural methods!

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NATROshop為你準備舒緩濕疹症狀全方位套裝 - NATROshop

NATROshop prepares a comprehensive set for you to relieve eczema symptoms

We believe that the skin of most people with severe eczema may experience itching, redness, inflammation, pus, watering, scabbing, repairing, moisturizing, or the cycle will continue continuously. The products of NATROshop can relieve everyone's sensitive symptoms in different processes, and meet your needs for itching relief, swelling reduction, water absorption, repair, and moisturizing. Most of NATROshop's product ingredients are natural and safe, even newborn babies can use them. Inquire now!
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濕疹出水應如何處理? - NATROshop

How to deal with eczema discharge?

Finally, the immune system of people with eczema may also be involved in the process of skin seepage. Research has shown that people with eczema have an abnormal immune system response that tends to overreact to stimuli both inside and outside the body, leading to inflamed and watery skin. The causes of water seepage in eczema skin are various, including impaired skin barrier function, influence of environmental factors, and abnormal response of the immune system. Therefore, it is very important for people with eczema to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, pay attention to avoid irritating factors, and choose suitable skin care products.
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