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Housewife Hand Care

The hands of housewives are always the most vulnerable parts, because they are always busy with housework, cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc., and are often exposed to irritating detergents and dish-washing liquids. It becomes dry, rough, cracked, and even problems such as dermatitis and allergies appear. Therefore, housewives need a product that can protect hands, moisturize and repair skin, that is our "housewife hand care products".

Our housewife hand care products are refined from natural plant ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals, so you can use them with peace of mind. Our housewife hand care products contain a variety of vegetable oils and plant extracts, such as olive oil, almond oil, Aloe Vera, green tea essence, etc. These ingredients can nourish the skin, repair damage, and at the same time have moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and other effects. Let housewives get all-round care for their hands.



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Tribe Skincare - Hand Cream 鱷魚油護手霜 - NATROshop

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The housewife hand care products recommended by NATROshop contain a variety of vegetable oils and natural plant extracts, which can nourish the skin and repair damage. At the same time, they also have moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant effects, allowing housewives to get all-round care for their hands. A natural care product that can replace housewives' hands and skin. Housewife's hand ointment is not only recommended for housewife's hand patients, but also helps patients with hand sensitivity or dryness to prevent and relieve housewife's hand problems early.

Housewives' hands refer to problems such as excessive dryness, roughness, cracking or pain of the skin on the hands due to frequent contact with chemicals such as detergents, dish-washing detergents, soaps, or water evaporation.

Housewife hand care products include hand care cream, moisturizing lotion, hand cream, moisturizing gloves, hand oil and so on.

The hand care products for housewives recommended by NATROshop are all extracted from natural ingredients and are suitable for everyone, especially those who have been in contact with water and detergent for a long time, such as housewives, chefs, nurses, workers and so on.

NATROshop's housewife hand care products contain active ingredients including crocodile oil, urea, vitamin E, vegetable oil, honey, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, etc. These ingredients can moisturize and moisturize the skin of hands.

We recommend that clients use British Crocodile Oil Restorative Balm instead of steroid-based creams.

It is best to use housewife hand care products after each contact with water or detergent to protect and moisturize the skin of hands. Before use, wash your hands first, then apply an appropriate amount of the product on the skin of your hands, and massage gently until absorbed.

凡士林是濃稠的潤膚劑的一種,潤膚劑可以直接應用於皮膚,作為保濕治療劑,可減少水分流失,並覆蓋一層保護膜在患處皮膚上。 但是,如果不當使用的話,有機會阻塞毛孔,從而令皮膚天難復原。







Here are some ways to prevent housewife's hands:
Wear Gloves: Durable gloves should be worn to reduce exposure to detergents and water when performing household cleaning, laundry, etc. activities.
Choose the right cleanser: Choose a low-irritant and fragrance-free cleanser to reduce skin irritation and sensitivity.
Keep your skin moisturized: Moisturize your skin with moisturizer or hand cream immediately after using cleansers or water to avoid dry and cracked skin.
Avoid prolonged soaking in water: Avoid prolonged soaking or prolonged exposure to water as this can strip the skin of its natural oils and increase the risk of dryness and cracking.
Check the skin of the hands every day: Check the skin of the hands every day for symptoms such as dryness and cracks. If there is any, moisturize the skin with moisturizer or hand cream for care and treatment.