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OCTOBER FIELDS INSPIRE Essential Oil Candle: Inspiration (Sandalwood + Cardamom)

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OCTOBER FIELDS INSPIRE Essential Oil Candle: Inspiration (Sandalwood + Cardamom)
Product Introduction:

Our signature blend of organic oils, hand-harvested botanicals and natural waxes helps us gather the resources we need to understand our place in the world, accept our choices, distance ourselves from unwanted influences and allow us to be inspired in the moment , as it was intended to be.

Herbs in this recipe:
May relax the mind, go deep into the ground to nurture spiritual energy to center may encourage peaceful thought acceptance

Vessel: A sweet little jar with a linen paper label, mandala and silver tin lid. (5.715cm wide x 6.985cm high)

Features: Our essential oil candles are designed to fill a space with a soft, meaningful scent, perfect for those who prefer a lighter candle experience. The combination of oils synergistically provides an ambient aroma to our mind, body and soul while fulfilling its purpose without heavy, unpleasant odors.

Ritual: Our candles are hand poured with love and good vibes. We invite you to use your candles as personal candles, altar offerings, for meditation, setting daily intentions, yoga, office work, reading, or relaxing in the bath (and more). Each one is designed to encourage moments of self-care, balance, grounding, creativity, focus, purity and rejuvenation.

Disposal: Clean and reuse or recycle when finished.

brand introduction

October Fields® is a vegan lifestyle brand that believes in holistic healing through the holistic connection of plants and people. This means looking at plants not in terms of "what's good for them," but seeking to integrate the full spectrum of plant medicine to restore balance to the mind, body, spirit, and their environment to maintain health, promote longevity, and enhance quality of life. Our herbal treatments are both maintenance and prevention. Focused on maintaining high-quality healthy soil, we can produce over 75 rare, unique, robust organic plants on our certified vegan herbal farm in Maine without the use of pesticides or animal additives.

place of origin



Sandalwood oils (Sandalum album) and Cardamom oils (Elettaria cardamomum), vegetable waxes, cotton wicks, and farm-grown plants (beautiful petals and leaves) to support its intent. Organic, certified vegan and cruelty-free




Can relax the mind and concentrate. Can be lit during meditation, yoga, work, reading or bathing to help you relax, balance, ground, creativity, focus, purity and rejuvenation; after using the candle, please cut the wick to 0.5cm Length, so as not to produce black smoke next time.

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