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BB濕疹醫極都唔好?教你正確使用濕疹產品,堅守日常日常三大堅原則,濕疹無痛斷尾 - NATROshop

Is there no cure for BB eczema? Teach you how to use eczema products correctly, adhere to the three basic principles of daily life, and make eczema painless.

C’s parents share real cases of congenital eczema.

C’s father has a medical history of eczema. When BB was born, C’s parents saw BB’s beautiful skin. They saw it with the naked eye and thought that BB had not inherited eczema. Until BB was three months old, the skin suddenly showed the early symptoms of eczema, such as red, swollen, dry, scaly and desquamated skin, and changes in the skin around the mouth, eyes or ears.

When eczema breaks out, the BB will be itchy and unbearable, and you will keep scratching it with your hands. Whenever you see the BB's red buttocks, red, swollen, dry, scaly and desquamated skin, sometimes the BB will be scratchy and painful, but the BB doesn't know how to express it. When the film touched the eczema skin, he would scream uncontrollably. Every time the film was changed, C’s parents felt heartbroken and helpless.

Due to Father C's own experience, as soon as he saw BB showing early symptoms of eczema, and knowing that BB had congenital eczema, he already knew that he absolutely needed to take action seriously and took immediate action.

Fortunately, after half a year of hard work by C’s parents, BB has almost fully recovered. As long as he does enough daily care and maintenance and does a good job of reinforcement, he will basically not relapse on a large scale. Now I am happy and beautiful, and I can enjoy my childhood life to the fullest!

Parents C hope that by sharing their real experiences, parents who are taking care of BB with eczema will know that even if it is congenital eczema, as long as they take proper care, choose the right products, and insist on doing anti-inflammatory measures every day , repair, moisturize and lock in moisture. Even without relying on drugs and steroids, the skin can be healed using natural methods!

Below we will share the three skin care principles that Mother C must adhere to every day to help your BB take the first step towards recovery!

Insistence 1: Apply crocodile oil repair cream and body lotion every time you change the film.

The care of eczema BB is mainly about skin repair, and the prerequisite for effective skin repair is to moisturize and lock in water. When BB's eczema breaks out, Mother C will insist on changing the film every time (about 3-4 hours), and help BB with skin repair and moisturizing work, including applying repair cream and body lotion.

Why should BB insist on applying crocodile oil repair cream and crocodile oil facial moisturizer frequently during an eczema attack ?

The surface water loss of BB skin is significantly higher than that of adults. Therefore, BB skin often experiences varying degrees of dryness and peeling. The skin of eczema BB is very sensitive and fragile, and the skin's protective barrier is relatively poor. Therefore, the skin must be well moisturized.

As for BBs with eczema, in addition to moisturizing, they also need to take good care of their skin to repair it and improve their skin's resistance.

With so many eczema products on the market, why should you use crocodile oil products ?

If you have tried many methods and tried many products on the market that claim to help eczema skin, but none of them can effectively relieve itching, repair, moisturize and lock in BB skin, don’t be discouraged, it’s just because you are not using the right product!

Crocodile oil is a natural and effective product that can help eczema skin effectively relieve itching, repair and lock in moisture !

Crocodiles live in an environment where they are constantly fighting and injured, but they can quickly repair themselves every time because of their extremely high cell regeneration and skin healing capabilities. In fact, as early as in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the miraculous effects of crocodile oil have been clearly recorded: "Crocodile (crocodile) fat is mainly used to treat skin diseases and malignant sores." Modern science has proven that crocodile oil is rich in Omega- 3, 6 and 9, vitamins A and E, linoleic acid and oleic acid, can help promote blood circulation, relax muscles, and eliminate fatigue; applied directly to eczema skin, it can provide first aid to eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems, and help wound healing; long-term use can help rebuild Protects the skin barrier and reduces the chance of eczema recurrence.

*It is worth noting that since the sanitary conditions, factory quality, and extraction methods of crocodile farms vary from place to place, parents should be careful when purchasing crocodile oil sources and products!

The following is a crocodile oil repair cream highly recommended by Mother C, which is very effective and suitable for eczema BB : TRIBE - CROCODILE OIL BALM HIGH CONCENTRATE crocodile oil repair cream

TRIBE - CROCODILE OIL BALM HIGH CONCENTRATE Crocodile Oil Repair Balm is superior to other crocodile oil products on the market.

The formula has a pleasant natural taste and significant effects

First of all, the unique formula of the product means that this crocodile oil repair ointment has almost no unpleasant smell after being applied to the skin. The formula also contains sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, etc., which can repair and moisturize at the same time . Achieve effective treatment and control of eczema, dermatitis and dry skin conditions.

Made in the UK and shipped directly to Hong Kong

In addition, this crocodile oil repair cream is produced in the UK and uses animal oil extracted from long-snouted crocodiles, which has a more pleasant smell.

According to Mother C’s experience of using it, she believes that the efficacy of this effective crocodile oil repairing cream is more significant than other crocodile oil products!

Mother C’s private advice: Repair first and then moisturize . During an BB eczema attack, repeat the following steps every 3-4 hours:

Apply 4-5 times a day to help eczema skin resist inflammation, moisturize, and lay a good foundation for the skin.

Insistence 2: Avoid using hot water above 40 degrees every time you take a shower, and use crocodile oil ultra-mild shampoo every day

What water temperature is most suitable for BB skin with eczema?

Mother C shared that when dealing with eczema BB, you should pay attention to the temperature and time of bathing water! Babies' skin is more sensitive than adults, so water with a moderate temperature for adults may be too hot for babies.

Therefore, when bathing babies with eczema, parents must pay attention to the temperature of the shower water and try to control it at around 37~40℃. You can use a thermometer to measure water temperature. Pay attention to the water temperature in winter and the process should be fast. If the water temperature is too high or too hot, it is easy to burn the fragile skin of eczema BB.

After showering, dry yourself gently and then continue with the skin repair and moisturizing steps to ensure that the fragile skin of eczema BB is properly cared for.

BB shower soap and BB shampoo need to be chosen carefully

When choosing shower supplies, you need to choose BB bath soap and BB shampoo carefully, and be sure to buy natural and good-quality products.

Parents should pay attention to the following points when choosing BB care products:

  • Simple and pure ingredients: Choose products with natural ingredients to help protect and maintain the skin barrier without causing any burden on the skin and body.
  • Gentle cleansing: Avoid harsh exfoliating products that may damage the skin surface.
  • Skin care ingredients: High-quality oils can increase water retention in the stratum corneum of the skin, help the skin maintain moisture balance, and reduce dryness and peeling.

There are obviously many cheap BB care products on the market, so why do people with eczema BB need to use special products?

Because BB's sebum film is only half as thick as an adult's, BB's skin is relatively more fragile and dry, and BB skin with eczema is more susceptible to bacterial infection and discomfort than BB skin without eczema.

Cheap care products almost always add different types of chemicals, which may cause more serious skin reactions. When these chemicals are absorbed by the baby through the skin, they may also harm the baby's health.

Therefore, parents must be more cautious when choosing BB bath soap and BB shampoo . Remember: as long as you choose good BB care products, you can protect your BB and reduce the possibility of BB skin discomfort.

Why use crocodile oil ultra-mild shampoo?

I believe that parents who have experience in taking care of BB with eczema know that eczema can not only appear on the cheeks, limbs, chest, back and other parts of the body, but also on the scalp, including scaling, rash, itching, etc. Since BB's body's perspiration and heat regulation capabilities are not fully developed, and the weather in Hong Kong is humid, the body and scalp often produce a lot of heat and sweat. If not handled properly, the eczema problem will become more serious.

Tribe Extra Gentle Shampoo with Crocodile Oil and Wild Baobab Oil contains naturally derived foaming agents to gently cleanse hair and scalp without stripping them of their natural oils. The formula contains anti-inflammatory pure crocodile oil for scalps with eczema, as well as a moisturizing blend of lavender, rosemary, geranium and sandalwood essential oils that are both anti-inflammatory and hydrating.

How to help eczema BB enhance the moisturizing effect during showering ?

High-quality essential oils can increase water retention in the stratum corneum of the skin, help the skin maintain moisture balance, and reduce dryness and peeling. Adding one to two drops of essential oil to the water, paired with soap, can help remove dirt and bacteria on the surface of the skin. The essential oil can be better absorbed through the small molecules of water vapor, thus achieving the effect of showering and moisturizing at the same time .

Mom C’s private advice: Add one to two drops of essential oil to warm water every time you take a shower to anti-inflammatory and moisturize at the same time !

Insistence 3: Establish good living habits

For eczema BB, in addition to skin care, it is equally important to establish good living habits. Mother C summarized the following three life experiences based on her own experience:

Every BB with eczema has a different skin recovery journey, and the recovery process has highs and lows. Especially BBs who have used or relied on steroids will face the problem of relapse of eczema during the recovery period, which makes parents It's like a roller coaster of emotions.

C’s parents have also gone through the same experience. Finally, they want to tell everyone:

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